Thursday, 1 March 2018

February 2018 Wrap Up

In February I read four books.  Here is a list of them and some of my thoughts on them.

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Volumes 1 & 2 by Nagabe - Both 4/5 STARS
I enjoyed these two volumes and I really loved the artwork of it. It has a very dark and mysterious quality to the story and I love that about it.  

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air book 1) by Holly Black - 4/5 STARS
I loved how much this book centred on faerie politics and I liked the twists and turns throughout it. You can find my review of it here

Into the Drowning Deep (Rolling in the Deep book 1) by Mira Grant - 4/5 STARS 
This book is about killer mermaids!  And although I did find some of the scientific and marine research parts of the book went over my head, the book is certainly memorable and the last half of the book is very thrilling.

Those were all the books I read in February.  I also watched Jessica Jones and I really loved it.  It's a great series and I can't wait to see where season 2 goes but first I have to watch the other Marvel series on Netflix.  I also started watching the k-drama Pinocchio.  I'm only around halfway through it but its soo good!

Here are some of my Bookstagram pictures I posted in February.  You can find me at xo_reader_kyla.

What did you read or watch in February? 


  1. I love the bookstagram photos you feautured. Also, I am super excited to read The Cruel Prince after reading your review :)
    Megan @

    1. The Cruel Prince is a really good read, I hope you enjoy it too! :)

  2. Very nice photos!! I hope you enjoyed your books!!